The Water Tribe is a group of Waterbenders in the North Pole. They also have ancestors that live in the Southern Tundra. The Southern Water Tribe is very small and is not much more than a few igloos and a small wall. The Northern Water Tribe has resisted the War for a hundred years, intel it was taken over in the Siege of the North. The Southern Water tribe gave and accepted the Fire Nation rule. The Water Tribe was the second last Nation to fall.


The two tribes' economies are different. The Southern Tribe does not have any exports, but does get things imported by ship.

Major ImportsEdit

These are things imported out of the Tribes' and to other nations.

Northern Water TribeEdit

The Northern Water Tribe mainly gets wood and building tools and weapons. They also give some of that to the Southern Tribe. Sometime during the war they help out the Southern Tribe by rebuilding what was lost in the War.

Southern Water TribeEdit

The Southern Tribe gets fish and other food and building equipment from the Northern Tribe.

Major ExportsEdit


The Northern Tribe mainly exports ice and other cold things. Sometimes fish from there appears in the street markets of Shu Shin She and other places such as Izumo.

The Southern Water Tribe does not have exports.


The Water Tribes have a strong military when combined.


The Northern Water Tribe has a string army and navy.

Ocean ArmyEdit

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Water Warriors.

Water Soldiers and Ice Guards lined up.

The Ocean Army is the strongest military force in the Water Tribes. It has at least a hundred troops, which is why they don't fight in many battles. By the end of the War, the remaining troops were turned into prison guards.

Water FleetEdit

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The Water Fleet is the smallest unit of the Northern Water Tribe's Military. It is the primary defense fleet for the Water Tribes. All but four ships get destroyed during the Siege of the North. After the War's end, the Fire Nation turned the remaining four ships to their domestic forces for use.


The Southern Tribe does not have a very good force.
Nortern WAter Navy

The four surviving ships.

Domestic Defense ForcesEdit

Domestic Forces are not very well defined. They are the only military force in the Southern Water Tribe but only three members were ever seen.