Toph's feet stuck

Toph's feet stuck.


Toph steps to something sticky.

When Toph was walking in the woods, she steps into a fury gooey like substance. Toph had a hard time struggling. Sooner or later, she was saved by an old man. Toph was taken to his home. By the next day, Toph and the old man did some shopping, Toph even brings a kitten back to it's mother, and goes into a cave dungeon, and spots a wooden chair with some restrains. Toph walks away and gets out of the cave, and a mysterious force controls
Puppetmaster controls Toph

Toph being control by the Puppet master

Toph, making go back into the cave and take a sit in the chair. Then, the old man comes in and locks her to a chair. The old man was a younger man in disguse, and uses bloodbending. He called the Puppetmaster.