The Skirmish at Shu Shin She was a skirmish between the Water Tribe rebels that were at Shu Shin She in the Earth Kingdom.

The BattleEdit

The battle started when Water Tribe rebels hijacked 3 Fire Airships of the Royal Escort Group out of 16. The Airships were used to bring the citizens of Shu Shin She to another stronghold near by. However, they were spotted and War Balloons were scrambled and soon the rest of the Royal Escort was in the air. One airship that was hijacked, the extra large Royal Family Airship, did not hold any citizens. Brave rebels suicided by using the Royal vessel to destroy the enemy fleet with a move dubbed, the "Airship Slice".
Airship Crash

The "Airship Slice".

Meanwhile, the rest of the airships holding citizens came over a bay. Fire Nation Battleships opened fire on the 2 airships. The surviving ships of the Royal Escort Group join the fight. On his way back to the Earth Kingdom Capital, Airship Captain Zhao and his fleet noticed the battle. Zhao's airships surrounded the 2 civilian filled airships and Firebenders prepared to open fire.

Suddenly, the lower decks of the 2 airships opened and the citizens fell into the water and were picked up by Earth Kingdom Submarines as the 2 airships exploded in flames.


Afterwards, the ships of the Royal Escort Group were rebuilt.

Fire Nation Navy Blockade

Fire Nation Battlecruisers open fire on the 2 enemy airships.